About Me


Hi! My name is Matthew Vermillion. I’m the Owned Media Strategist at SE2, an integrated communications agency. I’m a born communicator, and – because of my obsession with technology and my desire to be the first to know what’s next – communicating through digital media is my passion. But I strive to do more than just communicate. I seek to tell the story of a business or organization, to engineer a unique brand voice and to develop a narrative that draws in an audience and moves them to action.

I’m also a content strategist, web nerd, musician, basketballer, videographer, blogger, vegetarian and electric bicycle enthusiast. I have a master’s degree and Ph.D. (ABD) in English, and I love to read anything I can get my hands on – from books on business strategy to postmodern novels by Don DeLillo.

What I’m up to:

  • Crafting digital marketing and communications strategies for clients from digital campaign creation and execution to content strategy development and implementation to big data communications systems
  • Directing, filming and editing short films and videos
  • Singing and playing guitar in a rock band

Where else you can find me:

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